ClimateExistence 2023

August 16-18, I will participate in the conference ClimateExistence 2023 at the Sigtuna Foundation. As part of the conference programme on the 17th, the Farewell Bureau Ars Moriendi will host a dignified last Farewell of the Climate Goals in the Olaus Petri Chapel at the Foundation.

More info about the conference and the full program can be found at

Parts of the program the 17th was livestreamed and then published on Youtube:
Dougald Hine “Making Good Ruins: The Work of Living at the End of a World”
Anita Goldman & Stephen Jenkinson in conversation on death, dying and the climate crisis.

Other, shorter clips from the conference are also available here

The Farewell Bureau at Earth Week, Växjö

The Farewell Bureau moves into Växjö Konsthall on March 21 – 25, as part of Växjö municipality’s Earth Week 2023.

During an intensive week, we offer space for reflection on the art of parting, farewell planning and grief talks, as well as a public last farewell celebration.


In the art gallery, you can enter our Contemplarium to quietly contemplate the farewells that you feel are necessary. Open Tuesday-Friday from 12-18 and Saturday from 12-16, in the Norra rummet at Växjö art gallery.

Farewell Planning

During the week, we also offer supervised farewell planning for groups and individuals. See this event on Facebook for information on how to get a chance at a potentially game-changing meeting, or visit right now.

Please note that in order to book a private conversation, a Farewell letter must first be written

Farewell Ceremony

On Wednesday 22 March at 18:00 we are arranging a dignified final farewell to Overconsumtion, in the konsthall. This public ceremony is followed by a farewell reception, where we together in relaxed ways honor the memory of what we have parted from and talk freely about the art of taking a dignified farewell and its potential in our time.

Link to Växjö konsthall website

A last farewell of Growth

Welcome to celebrate a last farewell of Growth in Carl Johan’s church in Majorna, Gothenburg, 24 November, at 18:00 in the presence of relatives, other mourners and anyone concerned. The ceremony is open to the public and all are welcome to attend without advance notice.

After the farewell ceremony, a memorial service is held in Carl Johan’s parish home. The memorial service is also open to anyone interested, but requires advance registration in the form of RSVP at

A last farewell of Growth is arranged by Ars Moriendi in collaboration with the Church of Sweden and Skogen.

More info (in Swedish):

Ars Moriendi opening in Gothenburg

Sweden’s first Agency for Farewell Services and Ceremonies is now opening its first temporary office in Gothenburg.

Ars Moriendi specializes in helping people and organizations emancipate themselves from dysfunctional cultural artifacts in society, e.g. belief systems, mindsets, systems and structures. During our stay at Skogen in Gothenburg, we will be open for business, starting Monday 21 November. During three afternoons, anyone who wants to meet with a parting advisor and plan a farewell ceremony, or get more information about the parting agency’s operations and role in society, is then welcomed.

Monday 21/11 and Wednesday 23/11 between 15:00 and 18:00 Ars Moriendi accepts visits by appointment for 1-5 people.

Tuesday 22/11 the agency is open for drop-in visits between 15 and 19.

More info (in Swedish):

Workshop in Boden: The Art of Quitting

The Swedish Public Freedom Service presents the workshop “Together we can quit!” at Havremagasinet in Boden, a guide in the art of quitting under the guidance of the agency’s newly started department for quitting management.

Our times’ demands to constantly start new, accelerate, consume and in various ways increase growth and speed are presently creating a climate collapse. At the same time, it prevents society from developing in the direction of greater care, empathy and thoughtfulness.

Learning to quit is for this reason necessary. Together we need to unhinge ourselves from constant employment, activity and consumption.

The workshop utilizes a carefully structured and playful method where we discuss ways to stop everything from small-scale everyday habits to institutionalized behavior patterns.

The workshop will take place November 11th,  is about 90 minutes long, and everyone is welcome to participate after pre-registration.

Photo: Havremagasinet

More info:

Together we can Quit

As part of the campaign “Together we can quit!”, The Swedish Public Freedom Service is holding a workshop with the same title in Jönköping, where the Freedom Service’s new Unit for Discontinuation Management will present a practical guide for the art of quitting.

Today, we are all obliged to constantly start anew, accelerate, consume and in various ways increase growth, as well as speed. This behavior is rapidly creating a climate collapse, while simultaneously preventing society from developing in a direction of greater care, empathy and thoughtfulness.

Learning to quit is therefore reason necessary. Together we need to rid ourselves of mandatory employment, compulsive activity and mindless consumption.

The workshop follows a carefully structured and playful method where we explore methods to stop everything from small-scale habits to institutionalized behavioral patterns. The workshop is held September 3rd, is about 90 minutes long and relates to permaculture principle number six “Create no waste”. No pre-registration or preparation is needed. The workshop is part of the project “Jorddyrkare” at Österängen konsthall.

For more information visit
> Jordyrkare at Österängen Konsthall

The Liquid State of Fluidoria

On June 22, I participated in Gylleboverket’s Temadag Vatten, a day filled with workshops, discussions, installations, film screenings, etc, on the role and importance of water on our planet.

Lars Novang, representing the Liquid State as Envoyé for Fluidoria | photo: Pia Ohlson

I was invited in my capacity of Envoyé for Fluidoria, and after having given a lunchtime presentation of  the Liquid State, I had the privilege of inaugurating the world’s first Fluidorian Consulate. I was also able to grant formal Confluenceships to a great number of human Fluidorians, who from now on are going to speak up for fellow Fluidorians that lack a voice.

Etta Säfve & Jona Elfdahl, appointed consuls and responsible for the Fluidorian Consulate at Gylleboverket

> The Liquid State of Fluidoria (website)
> Gylleboverket
> Event info


Swedish Public Freedom Service in Boden

Frihetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Freedom Service (John Huntington & Lars Noväng) participates in “Maskinerna är igång” in Boden’s urban city centre, an exhibition produced by Havremagasinet.

“The exhibition encourages us to reflect on what work and labour means today and how it relates to the city, the present and not least the notion of freedom. We become aware of how the material conditions in a place relate to and interact with the bodies that inhabit and work there, thus creating both local and global connections over time and space. Much like the parts of a machinery in constant motion, everything seems to be interconnected.”

Participants: Fikret Atay, Kalle Brolin, Suzanne Ciani, Theresa Traore Dahlberg, Frihetsförmedlingen (John Huntington & Lars Noväng), Petra Hultman, Eyvind Johnson, Lennart Nilsson.

“Maskinerna är igång” is open 18 February – 6 March 2022

> Digital Artist Talk with Frihetsförmedlingen
Lars Noväng och John Huntington, interviewed by Elias Kautsky and Mariangela Méndez Prencke from Havremagasinet (Swedish, no subtitles)

The Ministry of Uncertainty

As a response to the workshop “Designing the Parallel Society”, held by Frihetsförmedlingen in Minsk in June 2019, Elisabeth Kovtiak has written an article describing the thoughts and ideas of the participating group and the founding of the new Ministry of Uncertainty in Belarus.

“The Ministry of Uncertainty is an alternative organization that replicates some technical characteristics of ministries. It will have a website, official agenda and visual identity just as any ministry. Why those? Basically, that is with what citizens can encounter once they are interested in a ministry’s activities. The real activities of ministries in Belarus are quite opaque: hidden behind the bureaucracy. Unlike the ‘real’ ministries, the Ministry of Uncertainty initiates and fosters public discussions that do not aim to come up with a certain solution. This alternative institution is both a criticism of the passivity of a bloated bureaucratic system and the unwillingness of public authorities to take responsibilities. Another function of the Ministry of Uncertainty is to create a meeting place for the citizens where they can discuss the facade stability and an uncertainty and anxiety that exist behind it.“

Participants in the workshop and creators of the Ministry of Uncertainty:
Alina Dzeravianka, Elisabeth Kovtiak, Christin Wahlström Eriksson and Sophia Sadovskaya. The workshop was led by John Huntington and myself as part of the STATUS Project.
Logo design: Valentine Duduk

Read the whole article by Elisabeth Kovtiak:

Freedom Inspection in Gothenburg

In December, the Supervisory Unit of the Swedish Public Freedom Service carried out a freedom inspection in Gothenburg

This unannounced inspection targeted the Public Transport System in the City with a special focus on the travellers’ perceived and factual freedom of movement and freedom of action. At the same time a survey of the general freedom environment on a number of different vehicles was conducted.

Photo: Andreas Torstensson

> More info on the Supervisory Unit (Swedish only)
> More images (FB post)