Ars Moriendi opening in Gothenburg

Sweden’s first Agency for Farewell Services and Ceremonies is now opening its first temporary office in Gothenburg.

Ars Moriendi specializes in helping people and organizations emancipate themselves from dysfunctional cultural artifacts in society, e.g. belief systems, mindsets, systems and structures. During our stay at Skogen in Gothenburg, we will be open for business, starting Monday 21 November. During three afternoons, anyone who wants to meet with a parting advisor and plan a farewell ceremony, or get more information about the parting agency’s operations and role in society, is then welcomed.

Monday 21/11 and Wednesday 23/11 between 15:00 and 18:00 Ars Moriendi accepts visits by appointment for 1-5 people.

Tuesday 22/11 the agency is open for drop-in visits between 15 and 19.

More info (in Swedish):