Swedish Public Freedom Service in Boden

Frihetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Freedom Service (John Huntington & Lars Noväng) participates in “Maskinerna är igång” in Boden’s urban city centre, an exhibition produced by Havremagasinet.

“The exhibition encourages us to reflect on what work and labour means today and how it relates to the city, the present and not least the notion of freedom. We become aware of how the material conditions in a place relate to and interact with the bodies that inhabit and work there, thus creating both local and global connections over time and space. Much like the parts of a machinery in constant motion, everything seems to be interconnected.”

Participants: Fikret Atay, Kalle Brolin, Suzanne Ciani, Theresa Traore Dahlberg, Frihetsförmedlingen (John Huntington & Lars Noväng), Petra Hultman, Eyvind Johnson, Lennart Nilsson.

“Maskinerna är igång” is open 18 February – 6 March 2022

> Digital Artist Talk with Frihetsförmedlingen
Lars Noväng och John Huntington, interviewed by Elias Kautsky and Mariangela Méndez Prencke from Havremagasinet (Swedish, no subtitles)