Workshop in Boden: The Art of Quitting

The Swedish Public Freedom Service presents the workshop “Together we can quit!” at Havremagasinet in Boden, a guide in the art of quitting under the guidance of the agency’s newly started department for quitting management.

Our times’ demands to constantly start new, accelerate, consume and in various ways increase growth and speed are presently creating a climate collapse. At the same time, it prevents society from developing in the direction of greater care, empathy and thoughtfulness.

Learning to quit is for this reason necessary. Together we need to unhinge ourselves from constant employment, activity and consumption.

The workshop utilizes a carefully structured and playful method where we discuss ways to stop everything from small-scale everyday habits to institutionalized behavior patterns.

The workshop will take place November 11th,  is about 90 minutes long, and everyone is welcome to participate after pre-registration.

Photo: Havremagasinet

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