Swedish Public Freedom Service in Boden

Frihetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Freedom Service (John Huntington & Lars Noväng) participates in “Maskinerna är igång” in Boden’s urban city centre, an exhibition produced by Havremagasinet.

“The exhibition encourages us to reflect on what work and labour means today and how it relates to the city, the present and not least the notion of freedom. We become aware of how the material conditions in a place relate to and interact with the bodies that inhabit and work there, thus creating both local and global connections over time and space. Much like the parts of a machinery in constant motion, everything seems to be interconnected.”

Participants: Fikret Atay, Kalle Brolin, Suzanne Ciani, Theresa Traore Dahlberg, Frihetsförmedlingen (John Huntington & Lars Noväng), Petra Hultman, Eyvind Johnson, Lennart Nilsson.

“Maskinerna är igång” is open 18 February – 6 March 2022

> Digital Artist Talk with Frihetsförmedlingen
Lars Noväng och John Huntington, interviewed by Elias Kautsky and Mariangela Méndez Prencke from Havremagasinet (Swedish, no subtitles)

Frihetsförmedlingen i Boden

Frihetsförmedlingen (John Huntington & Lars Noväng) medverkar i utställningen “Maskinerna är igång”, som produceras av Havremagasinet och tar plats i Bodens stadskärna under två veckor.

“Utställningen uppmanar oss att fundera på vad arbete innebär idag och hur det relaterar till staden, samtiden och inte minst frihet. Vi blir varse hur de materiella förutsättningarna på en plats, tillsammans med kropparna som bebor den och arbetar i den, skapar både lokala och globala förbindelser över tid och rum. Liksom delarna i ett maskineri i ständig rörelse verkar allting hänga ihop.”

Medverkande: Fikret Atay, Kalle Brolin, Suzanne Ciani, Theresa Traore Dahlberg, Frihetsförmedlingen (John Huntington & Lars Noväng), Petra Hultman, Eyvind Johnson, Lennart Nilsson.

“Maskinerna är igång” pågår 18 februari – 6 mars 2022

> Digitalt konstnärssamtal med Frihetsförmedlingen
Utställningens producent Elias Kautsky och Havremagasinets chef Mariangela Méndez Prencke intervjuar Lars Noväng och John Huntington.

Freedom Inspection in Kungsbacka

Monday, June 24th, the Supervisory Unit of the Swedish Public Freedom Service carried out a freedom inspection in Kungsbacka.

Our inspectors surveyed the city’s general freedom environment and checked to what extent market solutions risk restricting the freedom of action for the inhabitants of Kungsbacka.

Photo: Otto Mogren

> More info on the Supervisory Unit (Swedish only)
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Latest News on Wage Slavery

Latest news on wage slavery (Senaste nytt om löneslaveriet) is an Easter show at Gylleboverket, featuring works by Daria Bogdanska, Frida Klingberg, Frihetsförmedlingen, Johannes Samuelsson, Magdalena Nordin, Kanslibyrån and Sonia Hedstrand.

Gylleboverket, Östra Vemmerlöv
19-21 april 2019, kl 12-17

The exhibition is curated by Sonia Hedstrand and produced by Etta Säfve & Jona Elfdahl.


Network of Free Bureaucrats

The second national meeting with the Network of Free Bureaucrats will take place at NAV in Stockholm.

The exciting afternoon starts with an inspirational lecture by the philosopher Jonna Bornemark, and will then continue with exercises and conversations. Finally there will be vegan dinner and drinks.

This is the second of the three national meetings with the network. The first one took place in Gothenburg, December 1st last year, and the third and final meeting in this round will be in Malmö later in 2019.

> more info on the Network of Free Bureaucrats (Swedish only)

Robot Bureaucracy

Sunday,February 24th, Frihetsförmedlingen organizes Robotbyråkrati (Robot Bureaucracy): a meeting on Bureaucracy, Art and Artificial Intelligence at STPLN in Malmö.

In the research project Kim Svensson, AI, Frihetsförmedlingen is investigating various connections between artificial intelligence and bureaucracy, in collaboration with the cognitive scientist Simon Winter.

Now Frihetsförmedlingen presents an afternoon of lectures and discussions, where we can reflect together on the dark side of digitization, the hidden possibilities of bureaucracy and the role of art in a mediated world.

> more info

Basic Course for Freedom Seekers

In collaboration with the artist platform Skogen in Gothenburg, Frihetsförmedlingen gives an evening class including a brief history of labour society, a mapping of the contemporary situation of consumerism and wage-relationships and an introduction to the concepts that Frihetsförmedlingen investigates.

The Basic Course takes place on Monday, December 3rd, at 5 – 7:30 PM, and is part of a series of events during the fall of 2018. For more information see the calendar on the Frihetsförmedlingen website.

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Evacuation Plans, Varbergs konsthall

Frihetsförmedlingen and Kanslibyrån collaborates officially for the first time in the exhibition Utrymningsplaner (Evacuation plans) at Varbergs konsthall.

The entire exhibition focuses on artistic strategies of resistance towards systems of obedience, social hierarchies and bureaucratization.

Utrymningsplaner is curated by Camilla Påhlsson, opens 22 September 2018 and is up until 6 January 2019.

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