While we are falling

April-December 2024 I’m participating in Medan vi faller”, produced by Virserums konsthall in collaboration with the research program Mistra Sustainable Consumption.

I’m exhibiting two installations. Den första vilan/the Original Rest share title with the Ars Moriendi campain 2024, and suggests that we, if we want to remain human, have to resist constant demands on us to be productive around the clock; at work, as customers and online. Rest is simply the perfect way to take a timeout from consumer society.

The other installation, Ars Moriendi self service bureau, invites the public to learn more about the Farewell Bureau, write and submit farewell letters, etc.

The artists Finn Ahlgren and Hillevi Cecilia Högström are also participating in the exhibition, and during the exhibition period, several events will be held where the artists, as well as researchers from Mistra Sustainable Consumption, will participate.

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