Together we can Quit

As part of the campaign “Together we can quit!”, The Swedish Public Freedom Service is holding a workshop with the same title in Jönköping, where the Freedom Service’s new Unit for Discontinuation Management will present a practical guide for the art of quitting.

Today, we are all obliged to constantly start anew, accelerate, consume and in various ways increase growth, as well as speed. This behavior is rapidly creating a climate collapse, while simultaneously preventing society from developing in a direction of greater care, empathy and thoughtfulness.

Learning to quit is therefore reason necessary. Together we need to rid ourselves of mandatory employment, compulsive activity and mindless consumption.

The workshop follows a carefully structured and playful method where we explore methods to stop everything from small-scale habits to institutionalized behavioral patterns. The workshop is held September 3rd, is about 90 minutes long and relates to permaculture principle number six “Create no waste”. No pre-registration or preparation is needed. The workshop is part of the project “Jorddyrkare” at Österängen konsthall.

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> Jordyrkare at Österängen Konsthall