The Liquid State of Fluidoria

On June 22, I participated in Gylleboverket’s Temadag Vatten, a day filled with workshops, discussions, installations, film screenings, etc, on the role and importance of water on our planet.

Lars Novang, representing the Liquid State as Envoyé for Fluidoria | photo: Pia Ohlson

I was invited in my capacity of Envoyé for Fluidoria, and after having given a lunchtime presentation of  the Liquid State, I had the privilege of inaugurating the world’s first Fluidorian Consulate. I was also able to grant formal Confluenceships to a great number of human Fluidorians, who from now on are going to speak up for fellow Fluidorians that lack a voice.

Etta Säfve & Jona Elfdahl, appointed consuls and responsible for the Fluidorian Consulate at Gylleboverket

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