Sweden’s Freest Bureaucrat

September 1:st this year, Cecilia Jonasson will start her one year long employment as Sweden’s freest bureaucrat (Sveriges friaste byråkrat) at The Swedish Public Freedom Service.

The job is a unique position where Cecilia’s work will promote increased freedom over wage labour for the Swedish general population.

Her contradictory and ambivalent employment is at the same time a performative artwork and a paid position. Cecilia will both be part of and form the artwork together with Frihetsförmedlingen in a lot of activities directed towards both the general public and different institutions.

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Frihetsförmedlingen’s Election Tour 2018

The 2018 super-election year is characterized by important parliamentary elections in September, but we seldom reflect on all the other choices we constantly make.

Many of these everyday life choices we make without thinking, despite their sometimes devastating consequences. And we almost never discuss all the big choices we urgently need to make at the community level – and not talking about this is also a choice.

From July 29 to August 5, the Swedish Public Freedom Service will go on an election tour of our own, to reach and meet vacationing people in Southern Sweden. – What do you choose to do when you don’t have to work, and why?

Follow our journey to keep track of where to meet us and take the opportunity to discuss the really important choices this super-election summer 2018! Look out for us in holiday spots like Ullared and Öland.

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The Permit Unit

As part of the GIBCA 2017 extended program, The Swedish Freedom Agency’s new Mobile Office will be present in Central Gothenburg for three days, starting September 28th.

On first come first serve basis, a Special Permit Unit will offer the public expert assistance and issue a great variety  of relevant personalized permits.

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Frihetsförmedlingen at Candyland

The Swedish Freedom Agency visits Candyland over the summer. On the opening weekend freedom-seekers in the Stockholm area are invited to come and meet their Personal Freedom Administrator, get individual permissions issued, etc.

For the remainder of the exhibition period, the office will be unmanned, but the installation is free to visit and experience from the outside.

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