The Permit Unit

As part of the GIBCA 2017 extended program, The Swedish Freedom Agency’s new Mobile Office will be present in Central Gothenburg for three days, starting September 28th.

On first come first serve basis, a Special Permit Unit will offer the public expert assistance and issue a great variety  of relevant personalized permits.

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Polyphony under a Pear Tree

Tuesday, June 20, 18-20, the City Fugue Project organizes an open conversation in the shadow of August Palm’s pear tree at the Malmö City Hall inner courtyard.

“Does art have a potential to create action areas where people can form a city together?”

Frihetsförmedlingen at Candyland

The Swedish Freedom Agency visits Candyland over the summer. On the opening weekend freedom-seekers in the Stockholm area are invited to come and meet their Personal Freedom Administrator, get individual permissions issued, etc.

For the remainder of the exhibition period, the office will be unmanned, but the installation is free to visit and experience from the outside.

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